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Power Control Center    

- Main LT panel / PCC with single / Multiple Incomers, bus couplers, with proper interlocking.
- Required protections, Fault indications, interlocking are provided.
- Various designs are offered in PCC like top / middle / bottom horizontal bus chambers, panel with Aluminum / Copper bus bars, top / bottom / front / rear cable termination, combinations of APFC part with PCC.
- Required facilities like DG incomer with AMF functions, Cut-Off of non essential feeders at the event of failure of mains power.
- Panel with provision to connect bus duct at main incomer side.



    Synchronizing Panel

- Fully automatic synchronizing panels operated by microprocessor based relays.
- AMF, Auto synchronizing, Manual synchronizing, Auto load sharing, Active & Reactive power management with protection such as U/V, O/V, E/F, O/C IDMT, reverse power etc.
- load unbalance metering such as Ammeter, Voltmeter, Hz meter, KW, PF, KWH, Double Volt, Double Hz, Synchroscope.
- Team of experts to provide commencing / site services.

Motor Control Center    

- Fix / Draw out Type MCC
- Motor control center with DOL / RDOL / SD starters.
- Various designs provided like single / Double Front, Fixed / Draw out type, with DCS / Marshaling terminations.
- Required control voltage facilities with control transformer, control bus.
- All starters are provided with type 2 co-ordinations where required.

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